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Tiguanin is perhaps the most famous of the oolongs. It's turquoise tea: it reminds us of the usual green, but it has a fresh fragrance, a bit reminiscent of the spring foliage after the rain. In tea culture turquoise tea is given a special place - it can be said without exaggeration that no other species can compare with it in terms of the degree of popular love. The reason is simple: this is the tea that you can drink endlessly.
When we created this taste, we tried to make it so soft and versatile. This is tea, which is always in place. Gentle and fresh, it gives peace and tranquility, and the barely perceptible aroma of ripe fruit adds a pleasant lightness to the taste.

The volume is 75ml.
Concentration of VG / PG - 70/30
Available strengths -0/3 mg.